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Do we need to explain when there is misunderstanding?
October 03, 2018 at 14:38

People always think that silent is gold, so they like to be silent when they have argument. Nowadays, when we read the amusement news, we can see all kinds of celebrities’ news, many of these are distorted, some celebrities choose to explain, though the media don’t trust them, while some choose to keep silent. In my opinion, we need to explain when misunderstand happens.

Some people believe that if they keep silent, all the rumors will disappear one day, at that time, all the things will be solved, things work its own way. But if people don’t make the explanation to others, they will be suspended, people will have bad impression on them, these won’t disappear with the time went by, it only increases.

Explanation makes things clear, though still some people won’t trust you, when the truth comes out, they will remember you once have made the explanation and will trust what you say since then. Explanation will enhance your charm of your personality.

Silence is not always gold, we should explain things when misunderstand happens, in that case, misunderstand won’t spread quickly and affect other people’s judgment.

Zhou Ying took out the home made cloth, and the second master and the four masters were very surprised. They thought that such a product would be able to sell. After calculating the profit and the plan for the second year, Zhou Ying felt that she could finally make a lot of money. In this way, her revitalization of Wu Jiadong’s wish can be realized soon! Silver has always been loved by everyone. Even after the four masters came home, they decided to make two new silk clothes for their wives.

After the second master returned home, he was more interested in saying that he would give his daughter the most generous dowry. To make his son a clean official, the best prestige could surpass the classmate Zhao Baishi. Wu Hao knows that his brother Wu Ze and Zhao Daren are acquainted. She asked Wu Ze to help introduce her reasons by thanking the benefactors. It turned out that when everyone did not know, she had already recorded Zhao Baishi in her heart.

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Can university students pursue fashion?
October 02, 2018 at 10:33

When students go to college, they are much free than before and can have time to do what they want. Without the school’s regulation, college students can wear the fashionable clothes. As they are affected by the commercial ads, more and more college students pursue fashion. But they need to measure their situation.

On the one hand, college students have the right to pursue fashion. They are young and full of energy, it is good for them to dress out their styles. The skill to dress in different situation is the course for them to learn. They will learn how to dress in the process of pursuing fashion.

On the other hand, the crazy about fashion is not proper for them. As students, they don’t have much money, they are relying on their parents, so it is not right to spend parents’ money to pursue fashion. What’s more, students’ main duty is to study, focusing too much on fashion is not right for them.

College students can pursue fashion, but they should not be crazy about it. They need to measure their situation and make the wise choice.

Following the consideration of the Hujia shopkeeper on the side, he proposed that Hu Yongmei also come to make a cloth, and he will certainly make money. Hu Yongmei knew that Zhou Ying was doing the homesickness and decided to do something to attack the enemy.
That year's flower blossoms, the full moon, the 31st episode

After talking with Zhou Ying, Zhao Baishi had a lot of suspicions about the death of Wu, and he continued to look for Shen Xing to check the situation. Because of the old grievances of Shen Jiajun’s last order, Shen Xing moved not to cooperate, and he was ridiculed everywhere. What's more, he didn't know the inside story, and he didn't say anything valuable.

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Open or closed residential district?
October 01, 2018 at 13:23

Recently the government released a file about the suggestions on the city planning management which suggested that to stop building the closed housing estates but building the open ones in order to promote the open community system. By which means, the existing closed housing estates would need to be took down the walls and make the private roads and garden greening go public.

This is like a bomb blast on the internet. People either against or support.

Some people think it is a good idea to take down the walls to get the residential districts more open and meanwhile, let the gardens and the roads the estates be a part of the city, no doubt it would help to improve the city appearance.

On the other hand, people would have some worries. First of all, the housing estate is the private property including the roads and the garden greening inside, is to make them go public legal? Second, how does the property management work? No walls and entrance guards would make the security a big problem, who will be responsible for the extra managing work?

Anyway, the suggestion of the open housing estate has not settled yet, people still can talk about it and make some effort to it.

After Du Mingli left, Shen Sihai told his son that his 30% profit would be given to the ups and downs of Baylor. This is the price that must be paid in order to obtain the necessary network resources. For his father's ambition and ambition, Shen Xingyi never dismissed him. He still hopes to be able to do business. After experiencing the death of Big Brother and the decline of Wujiadongyuan, he always wanted to avoid this unscrupulous thing.

For the sake of future livelihood, Hu Yumei found her former client, Yang Bo, and hoped that he could still owe money and continue to do business with his own medicine. I did not expect that Yang Boss came to do the business of this cloth, and there was not much gain. He had to slow down the account owed, indicating that the year was still open. Because of the friendship in the past, Yang boss took some samples of foreign cloth to Hu Yongmei.

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