Can university students pursue fashion?

Sanderson posted on October 02, 2018 at 10:33

When students go to college, they are much free than before and can have time to do what they want. Without the school’s regulation, college students can wear the fashionable clothes. As they are affected by the commercial ads, more and more college students pursue fashion. But they need to measure their situation.

On the one hand, college students have the right to pursue fashion. They are young and full of energy, it is good for them to dress out their styles. The skill to dress in different situation is the course for them to learn. They will learn how to dress in the process of pursuing fashion.

On the other hand, the crazy about fashion is not proper for them. As students, they don’t have much money, they are relying on their parents, so it is not right to spend parents’ money to pursue fashion. What’s more, students’ main duty is to study, focusing too much on fashion is not right for them.

College students can pursue fashion, but they should not be crazy about it. They need to measure their situation and make the wise choice.

Following the consideration of the Hujia shopkeeper on the side, he proposed that Hu Yongmei also come to make a cloth, and he will certainly make money. Hu Yongmei knew that Zhou Ying was doing the homesickness and decided to do something to attack the enemy.
That year's flower blossoms, the full moon, the 31st episode

After talking with Zhou Ying, Zhao Baishi had a lot of suspicions about the death of Wu, and he continued to look for Shen Xing to check the situation. Because of the old grievances of Shen Jiajun’s last order, Shen Xing moved not to cooperate, and he was ridiculed everywhere. What's more, he didn't know the inside story, and he didn't say anything valuable.

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